Each album layout is completely unique and designed specifically for the images captured on the day. Every full day storybook will be packed with 150+ pictures with a layout complementary to the images and a true pictorial story of how the day unfolded. Remember your wedding album is your first family heirloom and represents the start of your brand new family. I want to make sure that years from now, you’ll continue to enjoy sharing your wedding album with family and friends.

The albums single page dimensions are 28cm(H) x 20.5cm(W) in addition, the strong book binding allows you to open it to 180 degrees so that you can view the pages completely flat, this is very useful for those special pictures deserving more than one page. The albums can be offered from 18 to 98 pages, making it the ideal coffee table album for the bride and groom plus scaled down versions for a parents album.

Below you will find a few examples of the contemporary style storybook album I produce. This modern style is ideal for the couple who want an album full of pictures portraying the whole story of the day.

Wedding, Glenskirlie Castle, Banknock

I started my day by photographing Laura and her bridesmaid’s final preparations at Laura’s house. The boys were getting ready and leaving from a house just around the corner so a quick dash along the street meant I could capture a few images of the men leaving in the wedding cars. Back at the bride’s home there was a last minute panic with the discovered there was only 3 laces for 4 dresses; however thanks to some clever thinking by one of the bridesmaids (Catherine) they did manage to lace up 4 dress only using 3 laces.

Once we arrived at Glenskirlie Castle all of the morning stress had been forgotten and everyone was looking forward to the ceremony; however there was another issue. The best man has just received a call from the groom father and grandfather to say they had broken down in a motorway service station and they needed some of the guest to come and give them a push start. So the ceremony was put on hold while two of the guests left to lend a hand only to return 15 minutes later to say the broken down car was not at the local station but instead at a station in Stirling (40 minutes away). One of the guest quickly organised a Stirling taxi to collected the stranded guests and get them to the venue A.S.A.P. A whole hour late with everyone now present the service started and I am glad to say the rest of the day went without a hitch.

Thankfully the dry weather held on for most of the day meaning the requested group pictures could be taken in the gardens at the rear of the castle and even though everything was now running 1 hour late I still managed to get some lovely pictures of the couple in and around the castle, including the famous love seat and stunning honeymoon suite.

Wedding, Lodge on the Loch Lomond, Luss

Wedding Photography – Lodge on the Loch Lomond, Luss. Ashley and Stephen met 33 years ago when they both started primary school together and soon became high school sweethearts.  This wedding had been a long time coming and Ashley was determined that everything would be planned to the nth degree, nothing was going to spoil this day that she had dreamt about for so long.

 Wedding, Popinjay Hotel, Lanark

Maureen’s and Derek’s wedding album. The service was held at St Patricks church in Coatbridge and then it was off to the Popinjay Hotel in Lanark for the rest of the day. The day went without a hitch and everyone looked to be having a great time.

Fernie Castle Wedding

I had a fantastic day photographing Lauren and Craig’s wedding day which was set in the spectacular grounds of Fernie Castle close to St Andrews. The weather was good all be it a bit breezy; however that did not put the couple off from having their wedding ceremony outdoors. The day of the wedding was the first time I had met either Lauren and Craig, they were a lovely couple and very at ease getting their picture taken and along with the rest of their family and friend they all made me feel very welcome.

 Andrea & Jim’s Wedding – The Vu Bathgate

Due to the time of the year it got dark very early, luckily it was dry, calm and the the setting sun gave us a little bit of a sunset, a perfect recipe for some stunning pictures from the Vu in Bathgate.

Ann & Andy – Culcreuch Castle, Fintry

The wedding plans were all in place the weather was being kind and with the majestic Culcreuch Castle and its 1600 acres of forest were the backdrop to Ann and Andy’s wedding day, this was going to be something to remember for a long time. I have had the pleasure of photographing Ann and Andy before along with there 2 lovely sons Daniel and Cameron. Some of you may remember Ann and Andy’s youngest son Cameron who won the Cutest baby competition run earlier this year. So on their wedding day they were very relaxed getting their pictures taken and we had a good laugh together. I particularly liked Andy’s comment of ” he has never known anyone with as much energy as his son Cameron until he met me”, this made me laugh. The day went without a hitch and I got some great pictures that will serve as a fantastic reminder of just how special this day really was for them both. Congratulations to the both of them again.

Laura & Helio – The Mill Hotel, New Lanark

Laura and Helio were both really excited and at times a bit emotional about their wedding day, in fact everyone was a bit emotional and I am sure there was enough tears shed on the day to fill a good sized bucket. This was the coming together of a Scottish and Portuguese family. Many of Helio’s family and friends made the trip from Portugal and other European countries in order to attend the wedding day. For many this was their first trip to Scotland, so having the wedding at the historic and stunning location of New Lanark was a double bonus for all of the visitors. The day went without a hitch, so a special thanks to Laura’s mum Carol who organised most of the day. Everyone on the day made my job very easy and they were all a pleasure to work with and photograph, so much so I almost felt like one of the guest during the day and I must say it is the first time the bride and groom have insisted that I have my picture taken with them. So once again congratulations to the happy couple and I wish them a long and happy life together.

Louise & Mark – The Vu, Bathgate

The day started well with the rain stopping and the sun making a rare appearance. Louise and Mark had selected the stunning venue of the Vu in Bathgate. This purpose built wedding venue sits high on the Bathgate hills, with its own small Loch and stunning views, this location can be the setting for some truly great images; however due to the exposed location it is very weather dependent. The last time I photographed a wedding here the rain was horizontal and the wind was blowing a gale so this time I was really looking forward to taking some pictures in the sunshine. Louise and Mark were a very laid back couple and very comfortable with getting their picture taken. Due to a late wedding ceremony it was impossible to get through all of the required group pictures in the allotted 15 minutes before it was time for the guests to be seated; however both Louise and Mark gave me some time between each course to capture some images of them together. Fortunately this was when the light quality was at its best (this time is know to photographers as the golden hour, 1 hour before sunset) and looking at these pictures you will see why. Once again congratulation to both Louise and Mark and all the best in the future.

Suzanne & Stephen – Burgh Hall within the leafy Maxwell Park

Suzanne and Stephen chose to get married and hold their reception at the Burgh Hall in Pollockshields; however Suzanne first wanted some final preparations pictures taken at the Hotel No 10, Queend Drive, Glasgow. When at the Burgh Hall we took advantage of the lovely maintained gardens of Maxwell Park and thankfully we just managed to get all of our pictures we wanted before the heavens opens and the rain poured down. We were able to take full advantage of all of the chosen venues in order to capture a great set of pictures which have been used to create a fantastic album.

Jacqueline & David – The Mill Hotel, New Lanark

I have know Jacqueline and Dave for many years so this wedding was a bit different as I was both a guest and also the official photographer. Jacqueline and Dave both looked great on the day and as they had been planning for this day for some time there was nothing left to chance and everything went very smoothly apart from the good old Scottish weather; with perfect timing just as the wedding party and guests left the ceremony at the Musicians room the heavens opened and monsoon like rain lashed New Lanark for almost 2 hours. With no chance of taking pictures outdoors we were forced to capture the group pictures indoors within the limited space available in the New Lanark Hotel restaurant, thank fully there were no diners in at the time. After that we were all entertained with the speeches and a lovely meal. By the time the meal was over the rain had stopped and the sun had come out, sportingly the wedding party were up for going outside for some more pictures where we could take advantage of the wonderful location of New Lanark. Here is the final story book album design that was create for Jacqueline and Dave to cherish for many years to come. Another interesting note, there were 8 people present at this wedding that had also had their wedding day photographed by me, so I must be doing something right 🙂

Jennifer & Derek – Avonbridge, Hamilton

I had great fun photographing Jennifer and Derek’s wedding. Thankfully we had one nice day after a foul week of weather; however one rain shower did catch us by surprise just as we all left the church. I have never seen a crowd of guests disappear so quickly. Jennifer was getting ready and leaving from here parents house which was conveniently very close to the church and a beautiful setting for here final preparation pictures. A big thank you to Jennifer, her bridesmaids and her parents for making me feel very welcome into their lovely home. The wedding reception was held at the Avonbridge hotel in Hamilton. Thanks to the kind weather we were able to use the hotels gardens to capture some images of the guest and of Jennifer and Derek, both of whom made my job very easy. The whole day went very smoothly and I would just like to thank both Jennifer and Derek once again for asking me to be their wedding photographer. This is the album that was created from the images captured during the wedding day.

Angela & Ryan – Shawlands Park Hotel

Thanks to Angela & Ryan for allowing me to photograph their wedding day. The service and reception were held at the The Shawlands Park Hotel.


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